Country House Hämes-Havunen

In the summer, Hämes-Havunen is an unforgettable venue for any type of party, corporate or community event or private celebration. The historic buildings and surroundings offer the guests a charming old-world atmosphere. Hämes-Havunen is also the venue for the traditional Food Fair, held annually on the first weekend of September, and the house is thus reserved for the fair preparations around that time.

We warmly welcome you to have a memorable party at the rustic, idyllic surroundings of the country house Hämes-Havunen. Available for parties are, for example, the two-story main hall with space for over 100 eaters. If necessary, more space is available in the next building, the attic restaurant or the dance barn. As long as the weather permits, the two beautiful, sheltered courtyards also offer space for many different activities such as community singing or theatre performances.

At the kitchen of Hämes-Havunen, there are excellent facilities to cater for even a large number of guests. The oven, cold storage, cooking equipment and dinner set make it possible to serve around 120 people. You may take care of the catering yourself or use a catering service of your choice. Small-scale coffee service is available from us on request.

Let us meet and tailor a party or a conference day to your liking. Hämes-Havunen is situated at the north end of the nationally valuable landscape of Hyypänjokilaakso, which also makes it easy to access the marked hiking route in the valley (address Korhoskyläntie 31, Kauhajoki)