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Food Fair

The Food Fair, an exhibition devoted to Finnish regional foods, is held every year at the rustic Hämes-Havunen manor house. Visitors will find a wide range of choice foods from local producers and enjoy the unique courtyard atmosphere.

Koskenkyläntie 312
61800 Kauhajoki
tel. +358 6 2413 2000,
+358 40 565 7776

Blowout Night

In connection with the Food Fair, Blowout Night is held along Topeeka Street in the downtown centre of Kauhajoki. Starting Saturday evening and lasting well into the night, this event features an assortment of foods with music and a variety of entertainments for the entire family.

Market Fair
Spring Market Fair
Summer Market Fair

Kauhajoki’s local sports club, Kauhajoen Karhu, holds a Market Fair on Topeeka Street in the springtime and again in the summertime on the grounds of the local dance hall, Kauhajoen Kasino.

tel. +358 6 231 3244,
+358 40 704 8953

A Glimpse of Christmas October

A Christmas-themed fair and market square event in combination with a Christmas Fashion Show at the Kauhajoki upper primary school. Lots of fun gift ideas and tasty Christmas treats can be found at the fair and in the market square.

tel. +358 50 365 5872

The orchestra and soloists of the Panula College of Music

The Panula College of Music arranges weekly student concerts from the fall through the spring as well as additional, individual concerts.

Panula College of Music
tel. +358 40 1840 113, +358 400 674 131


Winter dance concert December

A varied assortment of magnificent performances by the childrens and youth dance groups. Something for everyone. Held in the performance hall of the Kauhajoki upper primary school.

Youth services
tel. +358 40 480 7005, +358 40 591 1281, +358 40 529 0071

Youth Karaoke Trials at Räimiskä Youth Centre Springtime

The Suupohja Youth Karaoke elimination trials according to locality

Youth Services
tel. +358 40 480 7005, +358 40 591 1281, +358 40 529 0071

Nummirock 22.-25.6.2017

Nummirock is a yearly Midsummer festival devoted mainly to heavy music.

Nummijärventie 385
61910 Nummijärvi

Bluesrupiama Blues Festival 

A two-day long jazz and blues club festival held at the area of the Janoinen Leipuri pub.

Kauhajoki’s Kriuhnaasut Culture Week

Every year the Kauhajoki arts department hosts Kauhajoki’s Kriuhnaasut Culture Week, during which a wide and varied range of cultural events are held.

Pirjo Ala-Fossi
tel. +358 43 820 0570

NeOn-teatteri theatre group

The NeOn-teatteri is a Kauhajoki amateur theatre group that presents 1-2 plays every year. The group also prepares different types of special performances as needed.

Mari Lahola
tel. 040 735 5037

Teatteri Kajo theatre group

This July, the brand-new and fully covered summer theatre at Sotkanpesä will host an unforgettable performance of the TV comedy “Soidessa tangon ja loisteessa kuun”  Opening night

tel. +358 40 350 3302,
+358 40 546 6312

Sambacross / Carnivals

In Kauhajoki, the end of July is devoted to the rhythms of a Samba Carnival. In addition to exciting Samba music, the Carnival weekend events also include a car racing competition at the Sotka Outdoor Recreation and Sports Centre and a beach volleyball tournament at the Kauhajoki Leisure Centre.

Kauhajoki Cup

This summertime football tournament is traditionally held the weekend before Midsummer. This is one of Finland’s most popular tournaments and also attracts a number of foreign teams.

tel. +358 6 231 3245

Messu Cup

Held in conjunction with the Food fair, the Messu Cup has grown from a small fall tournament to become nearly as large and popular an event as the summer tournament, Kauhajoki Cup.

tel. +358 6 231 3245

Playcity June 2018

The goal is to create on children’s terms a fully functional city community with different types of job sites and activities to provide numerous things to do and opportunities to learn. Playcity is arranged every other year.

tel. +358 40 529 0071,
+358 40 591 1281

Nummijärviajot motorcycle rally  

Every year more than one hundred motor cycles can be seen at the Nummijärviajot motorcycle rally.

tel. 045 121 9862

Jokkis Everyman Races 

The Jokkis, or Everyman Races, are held every year at the Sotka motor stadium.

tel. +358 40 5888 795


The Kauha-Hiihto skiing competition has become an established tradition of long-distance ski racing and ski trekking in the landscape of Lauhanvuori National Park.

tel. +358 40 505 8164

Dance restaurants and dance halls

Kauhajoen Kasino dance hall
61850 Aronkylä
tel. +358 40 704 8953,
+358 40 503 5127

Hotel Kauhajoen Krouvi
Topeeka 30
61800 Kauhajoki
tel. +358 6 231 1644

City Pub T-25
Topeeka 25, lower courtyard
61800 Kauhajoki
tel. +358 40 353 2637

Jokimaa dance hall
Jokimaantie 368
61800 Kauhajoki
“Old style dance hall” dances on summertime Saturday evenings.

Seinäjoentie 112
61850 Aronkylä
tel. +358 400 594 384, +358 44 5050 480

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